Prime system update

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Prime system update

Postby davh62 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:41 am

Citizens of Prime....
To further honour my election promises we have & will take steps to keep our system safe.

The FG heavy cruiser "FG Prometheus" Has been put on permanent standby at the red zone gate to Sodom. She will guard this gate for the foreseeable future. Armed with the latest high class weaponry she is ready to jump into action with rapid response capabilities.
Not only acting as a deterrent she is capable of assisting our trade partners in the Sodom community. Please be assured that she is clear of the trade lane & will not interfere with jumps to Sodom.

"FG Vault" continues to accumulate stockpiles of raw materials to act as a future "War chest" if required.

Planet "FG Fleet" within the Prime system(formally RP11) will continue it's militarization. Plans are being drawn up for a spaceport colony to house the ever growing array of FG weaponry and combat ships. This will compliment our fuels colony that is already established there.

****End transmission****
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