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Discussion of in-game politics. Please post "In character" in here, IE as in your game persona or character. This is not for discussion ABOUT the game or about politics in the game, but actual political debate.
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Re: Setting Prices

Postby davh62 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:29 pm

RAM wrote:
Moneyman wrote:Stagnant development is the big killer, but another thing that drove me away when I played was the "core" of long-time players that could be discerned, over a bit of time, who were pulling the real political and economic strings. The game has enough depth that this is something that could be done. Intrigue! Which could have been a good thing! With a big enough base, lots of movers and shakers can make for an exciting galaxy! But as small as this game stayed, it only ever was just a clique. Too much attempt to control things from the sidelines from a few real players. And few new people want to sign on for that.

I suspect you mean me. Those who stay, invest, and work to build something are not manipulating, but working, and it is natural and normal for them to be involved and working to guide things. The real world is the same. Those who sit on the sidelines and watch seldom do much. Those who are new to a company seldom become the CEO the first month. Such is life.

Glad to see you drop by, but not sure the benefit of you just dumping on us and then flying off. Feel free to stick around and help make things better. If you are not, don't pound on those who do.

Hey i'm still here! I want CEO :lol:
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