Red-Zone Confusion.

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Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:57 am


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Red-Zone Confusion.

Postby DrZalost » Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:13 am

So unfortunately this has actually become an issue and i have been required to step in.

As the foremost and largest colony of the Red-Zone, we have decided to take action in regards to the Ultra-Nationalist group "LIP's"

The creation of this group was unwarranted and in no way speaks for the entirety of the Red-Zone, it was created without prior consent of the populace, and therefore is deemed invalid.

That being said, we have taken official action to dissolve the Ultra-Nationalist group, and ordered said members and the leader thereof to cease and desist any and all hostile actions/and/or rhetoric towards UNCA and/or any other RZ-External groups or face further action.

Members of LIP's deemed compliant have been absorbed into the re-unification process and will undergo a grace period during which they will be expelled if they violate their 'probation' per se.

We are a people of Peace and Principles in the Red-Zone, We will not tolerate Terrorists, Pirates, Ultra-Nationalists, Etc. we pride ourselves on having the ability to wage war, and the restraint not to.

Dr Zalost, Official representative of the Red-Zone.
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