A general game play summary.

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A general game play summary.

Postby PopeKael » Wed May 17, 2017 5:23 pm

Ok, I’m going to attempt to summarize my impressions of this game after 2 weeks of playing. I have made a post recently on the Black Sky thread which was my impressions after only 7 days, but now that I’ve put in an additional 60+ hours from the last comments, I have a better idea of how the game plays. Just a side note - 168 hours in a week, and i’ve put in an additional 60+ hours in that week so please try to understand my frustrations. This might come across as a rant, but I do want to give this game a chance as there is only EVE and Elite Dangerous out there in game world that are playable games, but I don’t care much for PVE when the person with the most (real) money wins…..

First up, I think the community is great for the game and without it, this game would be a complete dogs breakfast. The overall impression I have of the game now is that a pretty smart programmer was given a blank sheet and dreamed up a pretty amazing concept for a game. His skill at programming is not to be denied, but he has not spent enough time to polish the game off to make it palatable for the average gamer. If this game didn’t have a supporting Wiki and Forum, it would be a disaster.

This brings me to my points. A game like this should be playable from obvious queues the game presents and player supported web sites used as a bonus to fast track some of the finer points of game play. As it stands, the player supported websites are vital to the game and an average gamer would probably quit this game after a week of play. There is discussion of this “Black Sky” initiative to relaunch the game, but there is so much of the game right now that needs to be seriously reworked, any thought of a relaunch should be tossed to the blue sky project bin.

I understand that this is a sandbox game where the players will build the game, but there is a whole middle section that is missing from the game. When you first start playing, there is a set of tutorial missions that teach you the fundamentals. Yes, great idea but clearly lacking details to help the new player get adjusted to the game play. These set trading missions should be expanded to help people understand that resource trading is a key component of the game and the finer details of this can be supported by the players on the support web sites. Over the 2 weeks, the basic conversation in chat is new players asking where they go to do x or where can they get y. These things are not clearly presented within the game so they have to visit a wiki to find the basics.

The game does not run well with the current chat system. I don’t know how many times I’ve started typing something in chat while navigating and find my typing disappear when I transit a jump gate. Even after 2 weeks, I still find myself doing it even though I know it will delete the text i’ve just written and I have to type it again. The game needs a voice forum! (A discord server will do the job while something can be developed in game).

Once the player has finished the first set of tutorial missions, they will start to get an idea of trading, and planet colonisation. The next steps after that are completely missing from the game, so there is a lot of chat going on where people are asking how to proceed from there into the larger game play. What they don’t realise is the overall time it will take before they can actually build outer colonies outside the inner 9 systems. This might not be a problem for someone who only has an hour or 2 per day to play as the blueprint research takes days to complete. Someone like me who can easily put in 10 hours per day is left wondering how he can make the research go faster.

Ok, given that the research takes a set amount of time, and the structure building takes a set amount of time, what can you do to stay amused with the game. From a developer standpoint, how do you keep the players engaged in the game if they have more than 2 hours per night? I’m patient and I do like the game concept, but this part has not had much thought put into it.
1. You need resources to build structures.
2. You can go mine these resources in your inner colonies or in the asteroid fields
3. After 2 hours of mining, I think you start seeing asteroids in your sleep. Might be handy for a player who has trouble sleeping.
4. There is a whole universe to discover. Ok that again gets quite mundane after 2 hours.
5. There is bank to be made - ok, let's do a couple of hours of resource hauling <yawn>
6. Oh that’s right, there is PVE…… let's give that a try

So, I fly to a location in Janus A and there are these set PVE missions. The first one seems straightforward - blow something up. Check, did that in my Hornet.

Second mission - take care of a bandit - check, did that. Wasn’t too hard. I think I was flying a Squid

Third mission - sneak up on something. A bit tricky, but sorted in a Turtle with reactors turned off.

Fourth mission - take out some pirates - 3 of them, with auto tracking weapons. They were killing me in a hammerhead. I need better weapons, and armour, and shields. Where do I get these? Oh, the player trading market. That’s odd, I need to go to an off site forum and request specific weapons to be made for me? What the hell is that all about? Where is the information on what weapons do the trick? Where is the whole mechanics of the PVE system and the how to articles to cover the game play. Why is there only one person making weapons? Seems like a monopoly to me….. I was at this point on day 5 of the game play. I'm a pretty good pilot and I have got my Hotas working to some level in this game, but this 4th mission is impossible with the current load-out.

I’m now at day 13 and still have no clue about the PVE side of the game. People tell me that PVE is not a big part of the game and I shouldn’t worry about it. Ok, if it’s not a big part of the game, why have it at all? I’m sure some thought went into the PVE system so I’m sure it can be beaten if someone wrote an article for the Wiki. There is an article in the Wiki that talks about weapons and that you can have up to 49 of them.

What happened there, I go from a stealth mission in a starter ship, and the next mission requires me to have a Leviathan with 49 broadside lasers? That is simply ridiculous! Who can afford a Leviathan, 5 days into the game?

Yes, the community has offered to give me a ship to do these missions, but that is simply stupid. It should be achievable within the game within a reasonable progression time frame.

Anyway, that's where I am now at this point in the game play. I am resigned to waiting days and weeks for research to complete so I can start building my outer colonies. I am resigned to spend countless hours in asteroid fields blowing up rocks so I can find the scarce resources needed to build the high tech equipment required for the colonies. I am resigned to spending countless hours searching the universe for a small blue green planet we used to call home. And I am resigned to hauling carbon so I can buy bigger ships to haul that carbon.

Oh, and now I am resigned to spending 10 billion credits so I can blow up 3 ships in a starter PVE mission set piece. I think I might go back to EVE, at least that made some sense.
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