RL time to Ascent time converter

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RL time to Ascent time converter

Postby Mooncrest » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:00 am

I have, with the aid of RAM's code for his AutoHotKey script, produced a Google Sheet to give the current real life time to a time according to the agreed Ascent clock. Also there is space for players to enter a rl date and time which will convert to Ascent time.

This will be useful to players who wish to contribute to the Ascent Archives; an initiative started by gotpurplefleas to log significant events in the recent history of the Ascent Galaxy.

This project is in its infancy, but the Archive can be accessed via the in-game Help system and the Wiki (via the Game Lore link on the Main Page).

To access the Ascent Game Time Converter follow this link:


The converter still needs a few tweaks to compensate for UK time to UTC time, but it is accurate enough to get started with entries for the Archive Project as long as it is not used between 23:00UTC and 01:00UTC.

The converter will update after each change and automatically as each minute passes.

The tweaks to correct for UK time to UTC time have now been completed.

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