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NPC Ships

Postby Mooncrest » Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:30 pm

Loke and I have noticed that ship sales seem to be outstripping supply. I have sold 4 Guardians, 4 Boomerangs and 2 Seraphs within the last few days and Loke has recently sold 10 Seraphs.

We think that the most logical reason is that players are buying ships for use by NPCs.

If this is the case then it is an expensive way to give an NPC a ship. The reason is that NPCs cannot use either Warp Drive nor can they use Hyperdrive. Because of this and since motive power is only required by the Propulsion System, NPC Variant Ships do not need a Warp Drive nor do they need a Hyperdrive and they only need a Class 1 Capacitor and a Class 1 Reactor. Thus the price for NPC ships is considerably lower; the requirement for Niobium and Tin is about 25% of that needed for a PC Variant ship.

You can see the difference this makes by viewing the Mooncrest Industries Price List. If you wish to, you can order NPC Variant ships from Mooncrest Industries by posting an order to the same thread.

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