'sticky' Cargo hold contents

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'sticky' Cargo hold contents

Postby JohnnyKan » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:43 pm

There seems to be a small issue with the contents of a cargo hold following the player from one ship to another when swapping ships in Space Station hangers.

Below is a pic of a ship with the cargo contents listed.


After I swapped to a smaller ship the cargo is still present, and is far larger than my smaller ship should be able to hold.


This 'sticky' cargo is not a phantom, I can move it to another station, sell or store it etc. I just can't load any more until the hold has free space again.

This also effects refitting a ship if the system believes the cargo is overloaded.

The work around is simple enough, just dump your cargo before swapping ships, but it is a bug, although a minor one.

To hazard a guess, it seems the cargo contents are attached to the player, not the ship. Easy fix if that's the case.

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