NPC Pilot seems to be stuck

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NPC Pilot seems to be stuck

Postby Mooncrest » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:44 am

I have an NPC Pilot who was successfully transferring material from one of my colonies to a starbase in a different system. She now seems to have become stuck at the starbase. Everytime I ask her where she is she responds with "In my ship, in Seller's Starbase 1409 (newuser1409)". The starbase she was trading with is indeed number 1409 in my Settlement Cache Folder, but ir belongs to me not newuser1409. When ordered to move to either of the two systems connected to the system containing the starbase a lot of blank lines are printed but she does not move.

I reverted to Version 1.3169 and tried to order her to move and I got a list of over 800 array elements after which no more lines of the conversation were printed, although the lines I typed in seemed to be recognised as the window heading changed to reflect the current topic.

I have been to the starbase where she is supposed to be and there is no sign of her ship and the Friendly count is zero.

I think that we need a mechanism to recall pilots so that their ships can be recovered. Not only will this allow us to solve this problem with pilots getting stuck, but it would allow us to reassign pilots to new ships and/or recover our NPC ships. I know that the whole NPC Pilot mechanic needs a major overhaul, especially because the Stock Market Buy Order search give results that are no viable thus causing NPC trading to be pretty useless, but a recall command could help and maybe reduce the overall number of NPC Pilots.

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