OSBs not rendering

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OSBs not rendering

Postby Mooncrest » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:27 pm

I have been trying to buy stuff from player's OSBs.

At several now no modules render and I cannot open the Stock Market.

At first I thought this could be because the player had dismantled the OSB and left the game.

Today I tried to buy fruit from Bozack's Station Charlie in Prime and it did not render not was its Stock Market available.

Bozack's Station Delta has the same problem, but Echo, Foxtrot, Gheko and Hotel will all render and present their SMs OK. So, I think it unlikely that he has dismantled any of his OSBs.

I have tried both version 1.5102 and version 1.4076 with the same result.

Could there be a fault with the database?

I did get some fruit from BSFA Cube, so it is not a size issue.

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