Starbase Production Bug

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Starbase Production Bug

Postby Mooncrest » Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:40 pm

Be aware that if you queue more than one module for production at one starbase and then go on to produce a single module at another starbase, unless you actually type 1 in the number to manufacture box, the system will try and manufacture the previous number of modules.

I queued 20 Class 12 Wormhole Generators at one of my starbases. Then wanted to make one Class 12 Computer at another starbase in the same system, because the text box already had 1 in it I did not type 1 into the box and when I clicked the 'Construct' button 20 Class 12 Computers were queued for manufacture.

This was at two starbases in the same system. There is something peculiar about starbases in the same system; they seem to share access to the same Hangar. It is possible tis is something to do with that.

I am not going to test this with starbases in different systems.

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