Parked Ship NOT stationary

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MITH Menzel 3

Parked Ship NOT stationary

Postby Mooncrest » Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:34 am

Using Version 1.5107

I have been surveying planets using a Bowhead and a Hawk. Arriving in system I detach the Hawk and use that ship to drop down to each planet and conduct the survey. That worked well for two systems and I successfully managed to survey 40+ planets. In a third system there was an asteroid field. I used the Bowhead to survey the asteroid field and then detached the Hawk to survey the planet that was close by. Having surveyed the planet I warped the Hawk to the Bowhead and this is where it gets interesting...

The Bowhead, instead of remaining still was continuously moving away from me. Unlike previous versions of the game, this was steady movement, as if under power, not the jump move.

I chased the Bowhead and caught it up but I found it impossible to match velocity with it and so, could not get into a good position to dock.

After a couple attempts at docking, I rebooted the program and things returned to normal. The Bowhead was parked near the planet and I had no trouble docking.

I'm not sure what caused the initial problem; it could have been the proximity of the asteroid field or the planet.

I managed to resolve this problem but I was worried at one point that I may lose my Bowhead.

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