Wishlist from Mizuk

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Wishlist from Mizuk

Postby Mizuk » Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:58 pm

Hi I will add my wishes for the game in this thread in no specific order. only number 0 is my top priority
Some more serious than others. :D
0. INGAME CLOCK with local/world/space time.
1. Colony camera view placed just above entertainment center or palace.
2. Street Lights with on/off function,
3. Decals as DLC.
4. More than 4 humanoid representatives to choose from or redress/rebuild humanoid model
5. A "Refresh" Button for colonies/Osb/Isb so we dont have to power up down!
6. Possibility to store various setup for the AP.
7. Hail the Mighty Mizuk on all players login screen
8. Possibility to sack any NPC.
9. Diablo Font for all text ingame! seriously no :lol: , but chance of choosing more than 1 font and size!
10. True colours for all paintjobs.
11. A "Horn" so we can honk at those crap fliers when we are busy !
12. Different font colors for Playernames and NPCnames
13. Nightvision/Sunglasses for the overly sunny planets !
Any support to my just cause! :)
Can be given in form of Iron and Carbon at Route 6 planned gateway to Route 666

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