warehouse and npc

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Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:33 am

warehouse and npc

Postby Wulf » Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:37 pm

smart ai for npc and stock-exchange (similar ui as the autopilot currently uses)

on daily update place stock exchanges into filterable categories
1) broke --- player has no money
2) full warehouse ----have less then 1 million capacity
3) absent --- player not logged on for over 2 weeks
4) stock-market has over 1 million warehouse space and has over 1 million credits
5) good standing --- last 5 stock-market transactions successful (plus warehouse space and credits)

6) sticky --- holds the last 4 locations (per system) at top of que (allows faster repeat setups)

7) update --- allows (failed) translation to update filters

this would selectable from stock-market search (currently only from map screen?)

part 2
create trade routes:
1 from the search commodity/stock-market . drag or select a location for trade and drop into a holding bin with item selected
(1) miners paradise, lingwulf colony for sale fruit 49c , buying fertilizer for 50 c ... at the moment it (npc) will select whatever this is for players to see what they are set up.... (2) wulfden (osb attached to lingwulf) buying iron at 2 credits selling sewage at 1 credit.
(3) Adolphus, baskerville colony buying fruit 50c selling iron at 1 c.

simple example but that would be a 3 point trade route selected from stock-market search screen and saved to 'trade route 'name'

open npc dialog and select trade ship and select trade route .
warning feature.. if the route has not worked in last 24 hour place warning (note skip 1st day to allow setup etc.)

so it would look from the players view:
location 1(miners paradise, colony lingwulf on eldorado) fruit 49 buy sewage at 2,
location 2 buy fruit at 50 sell iron 1,
location 3 buy iron at 2 sell sewage at 1.

this would work similar for patrol routes but with system way-points instead of stock exchange locations.

also for future set up this may work as a fleet order, grouping many npc freight and perhaps escorts.... note this allows an 'interdiction' effect for pirates and a new mission for combat.

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