simple addition to colonies that adds lots.

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Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:33 am

simple addition to colonies that adds lots.

Postby Wulf » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:22 am

Make colonies more robust and self sufficient and a lot more fun.

Jam had mentioned wanted npcs to generate contracts and pirates to take over abandoned colonies and demand goods. I think this is a simple way to do it that should add a lot.

I propose to make colonies come to life with an economical impact.
allow colonist to sell and buy common commodities and make a living' from production that they can use the credits to acquire other goods. this generates buy and sell opportunities at colonies and osb's and increases the game. colonies generate commodities osb's generate manufactured items and demand the opposite in addition to luxury goods and goods that are not produced. they will have their own revenue stream like how all raw to manufactured commodities works.
players can set a portion on all manufacturing to colonies that they can sell from 10 to 20% (the default is 10 unless changed). when colonies are at warehouse capacity all overproduction is for sale based on the daily production (basically at the 'end' of every day when warehouses were full is the amount they have to work with). 30% of inner nine price as a cost of production for goods at osb and colonies , the credits for this is spent by the colonist on luxury goods, or anything else they want (things they do make?). this includes unpaid colonies that are now run by pirates. in unsupported location a 'pirate' stock market and docking stations are set up by pirates, when colonies/osb's are wanted back an autopilot location for combat, or location to 'bribe' the pirates to leave (option for the very passive folks out there).
interplanetary trade, needs some type planetary crafts the colonies can build to handle trade, for the short term, maybe the old ladybugs make a comeback :P. and for interstellar trade, donated npc craft (theses will go into a logistic pool and may not any visual aspect).
npc stock markets, whether they are pirate run or tagged onto existing stock markets will create a steady markets throughout the game for goods and provide a much needed aspect to make the game more alive.
stock market ui could use a update with a list of goods, sliders for sell and buy option with a default of cost of production for common goods and good made from common products. npc's will demand goods at 60% base cost and may have a variable to keep it a little more interesting. players can set tax level for this from 0 to 30% a higher tax will reduce the amount of goods colonist can buy with the less money they receive.

example :
colony-A produces 100,000 iron per day and has 1,000,000 in warehouse space.
base price of iron is 50 credits at vulcan. colonist have 10,000 iron per-day and have a sell order at 150*30% or 15credits (45*10,000= 450,000 credits to spend) plus whatever is sold at the colony they get the minimum of 15c per unit sold. at the end of the day with the tally is 3,000,000m in sales for the colonist. profit above the minimum goes to the colony owner but on the upside the owner has colonist with money to spend. the colonist have not had meat in a while and place an order of meat for the week
pop times week of consumption is max buy, but assuming they can use it all the order would look like this 3.000.000 in credits and meat base price is 400, 400 times 60% or 240 credits per. so 3 million credits can buy 12,500 meat.

if a few features are wanted then adding colonist able to manufacture trade goods, create planetary and low orbit craft to conduct planetary trade. they will now have intrinsic credits to spend and thus can spin off trade.

hope that makes sense. tried to keep it as simple as possible and I believe limited programing required.

if a programmer out there wants to tackle it they could write it all for Jam to just copy and edit ;P

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