New OSB modules suggestion

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Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:39 pm

New OSB modules suggestion

Postby Loke » Sat Apr 24, 2021 10:39 am

New OSB modules as a alternative of making a good tool/GUI to plan tens of thousands of modules. Hopefully quick and simple for Jam to add (copy of existing modules with changed stat numbers).

Same modules as we have now when it comes to how they look, functions etc. but you would only need to plan 1 for the same output as a 100 module give now. Making it possible to build a OSB that would need 500k buildings only need to plan 5k. Less lag problems, less server load and not 200 hours flying in a straigth line clicking plan module lol.

They would be less efficient, for example need 200 times as much materials to build, but only 100 times the output. Giving only 50% "production" for the same investment of materials. Leaving some advantage to those who takes the time to build normal modules. Could also increase power draw and water usage to make them even less efficient.
Even add credits needed build them? Same as we have for palaces, as another credit drain.

This would be for the modules we need in very large numbers:
-power plant
-Rad emitters
-Rad shields

For most terraforming projets players are planning to cheat and not build the needed power plants at all, which shows how big the problem is. Giving us the option of at least having to spend the needed resources for the required power, should be a good improvement, while the pain of planning is heavily decreased. Hopefully would make OSBs with overfilled warehouses less common as well, as more would build plenty of storage space. Indirectly solving some of the fake SM orders caused by not enough storage space.

If its simple to add I think factory modules would make sense as well, but they are less important/smaller problem.
Would be fun if it was something to research, but however is simplest to add to the game is best option I think.

Adding some example numbers from the terraforming project I worked on earlier, which was a "simple" terraforming as it only needed more radation.
Assuming 150% efficiency by building many OSBs with rad emitters:
-60k rad emitters
-1.2 million power plant modules
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