Colony Loading/Management

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Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:22 am

Colony Loading/Management

Postby Valleriani » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:01 am

This is taken from another thread that was locked since we shouldn't be talking about new features there. Seik posted this:

seikatsukira wrote:I agree more is clearly needed, but as I set here waiting for my colony to load I have had an idea. So now with the new update why I fly around my colony, the buildings load up, and as i move around they unload and reload.. not sure about that one, still laggy still takes forever to load. but perhaps it works wonders at smaller colonies on the web browser so that's good.

So I set here for a while looking at my dome, waiting for it to load up, and out of frustration I click on it! This of course does nothing but why don't we change that?
Instead of unloading and loading domes that people are close to, in an attempt to only display whats needed. Why not have a toggle display on / off function. It could be as simple as clicking on a dome, which triggers the game to load up the buildings inside of it. It could also be in the form of a button to toggle display on and off. Or we could get some sort of mini colony overlay (I imagine my self in my ships command center, standing in front of a big table, that displays my colony overlay. And I talk to the people around me, to give orders to do work, or ask questions about work sites. "Is dome 72 habitable yet?" "Is there any open space in dome 14 for new construction?" "Please have our ships cargo holds filled with Iron from the warehouses in dome 3.") With the overlay I could easily toggle on and off the displays for my domes.

I know you like the "realism" of flying ships around domes, tho I doubt this is how it would actually work. But I don't see why we cant have some sort of top down management system, similar to the settlements in the inner 8. God-mode / RTS style.

I agree that some way to easily manage the planet would be nice, similar to the inner planets. It would need to pan however but the starting point could be where the colony was placed.

Overall its a bit weird trying to zip around, often I'm struggling to position them 'in an exact spot' so it looks nice, it ends up being a bit frustrating.

Unloading domes are needed though, I know before hand if you fly to several colonies, the lag stayed, so you'd eventually have to warp out to unload everything which was a pain. Things should technically unload after a certain distance away from them, it isn't need to stay loaded and its just creating useless lag.

Having toggles for certain things might be helpful though, like displaying the transport grids and such. When I look at colonies I'm wondering if the roads themselves create lag and delay of loading since there is normally so many of them. I'm not sure if this is already started but theres should be a pecking order onto what loads first. First the SM, then the warehouses, and continue from there. Domes should always be loaded in the general area, but I think that is already in place.

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