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Postby davh62 » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:39 pm

An announcement from FG that the discovery of a possible structure surrounding a planet could be made by Aliens was met with a mixed reaction today.

Scientists studying the planet say they have found what appears to be a structure surrounding the planet that is affecting the light that is being picked up by sensors on Prime.

FG scientist Dr Henrich man'ovouer head of the search for Extra terrestrial life warns people not to get their hopes up.

"It could well be a sub orbital space station filled with sexy female humanoid Aliens, but it could also be something boring like comets or dust, we just don't know at this time"

Although comets and space dust are fascinating to astronomers and are used to help unlock the secrets of the universe. A space brothel filled with nymphomaniac green skinned sex goddesses raises more questions than it answers.

Dr man'ovouer explains further.

"Yes of course the idea appeals to me but we have to look at this from a science perspective. The huge distances involved could mean that by the time we get a spaceship there the space nymphs will of aged 20,000 years and consequently we would of only aged ten years. This makes tremendous problems for our first explorers. Do we get them to send nudes now and just remember them in their prime? or do we actually try and have space sex with the withered crones.

Of course this is all assuming it is a space brothel, it could quite easily be a smudge on the lens or a crisp that has got lodged in the delicate electronics or something.

Despite Heinrich's warnings for a calm and detailed analysis of the Data hundreds of volunteers have written to UNCA desperate to be one of the first to claim their green wings with the space ladies.

For now we can only speculate as the scientists pore over massive amounts of readouts looking for the elusive topless greetings and praying we don't find any dongs in the data. :D
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