I believe in the project

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I believe in the project

Postby Novicius » Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:18 pm

I really do. I know that dev has some problems. I know it is hard to meet all expectations and compare this project to other hard core budget mass productions. I know that one can complain about many things which went wrong previously or recently.

Massive project like Ascent will always face massive issues. It does no matter if millions were spend or not. If something I admire dev and cheer when something goes right, but also support when something goes wrong.

Best example is CA and Total War series. I will never give up on those guys even the product is expensive and take ages to perfect. I have recently enjoy Empire, which works smoothly, now after years, for me at least.

This project in many ways is bigger than Total War. It is Total Space. It goes from close view to extraordinary view without endless loading or chapter like design. That it self is extraordinary and some did not notice how smooth they go from one to other view.

Every game crash. There is to many systems, to many configurations, to many internet providers and receivers. The microsoft idea of unification was utterly rejected by users community. For good and bad reasons.


I would go back to the core. Face lift (UI) was maybe necessary for marketing reasons, yet it shake what get me into this game in the first place. I would go back to basics. I know we all try to keep our computers up to date but true is that majority of gamers can not afford it. Simple (lol) functional game would be far more successful in wider community than "good looking", but shaky product. I do play on highest (just in case), but I know a lot of players who would play it if they could. Old/new school which prefer to see and play something clever rather than just beautiful. Ascent was and still is both. If possible... go back to the basic. IMO.
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