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Latest FG news

Postby davh62 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:59 pm

Greeting peoples of the free worlds. Long has it been since the last update. Our pledge to help humanity expand & prosper continues on a grand scale. Summary as follows-

FG continues to fight the infestation of pirates that continue to lurk in the dark corners of multiple systems in the known gated communities. Casualties have been high this month & we have concerns that incursions are on the increase. Higher classes of weaponry & shield generator research has been given the executive order written by my own hand. Our outer system spies are currently trying to find the mastermind behind there highly organised attacks. We believe there may be a connection between a ship stolen from senator "gotpurplefleas" two years ago. We have yet to contact senator "fleas" as he is currently enjoying R&R at FG Pleasure domes resorts. Hopefully he will return from vacation there soon.

Currently the massive atmosphere collection & atmosphere generator facilities in New dawn are ramping up warehouse capacity. We are processing and collecting tens of millions of water & oxygen in anticipation of supporting Terra forming of the Provision system. This facility is intended to grow to 1B warehouse capacity over the next few weeks. It is envisaged to supply all future TF applications for all senators. But initially is collection only. It is unsure if it's purpose will be realized in the fullness of time or if it will end up a "white elephant".

FG continue to work on three sets of gate networks-
MZ3 to Black Hell(MZ3 side complete)
Provision to Prime
Barons Rest to MZ3

Provision Terra forming- With the co-operation of the ramish peoples, work continues on the normalizing of radiation to acceptable levels for human life forms. Part funded by the Baron rich carb mining of the surrounding sectors. Progress is slow due to promethium supply. Any donations to either myself or RAM would be gratefully received.

******End transmission******
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