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Stored Modules are active

Postby Mooncrest » Wed May 11, 2016 10:04 pm

When asteroid mining i use a large Mining Beam, but carry around the Class 1 Mining Beam so I have it handy when I want to do hauling. I was mining a field that I knew to be quite old, but my yields were varying from about 1000 units of Tin down to 80 units. This seemed odd, so I put the numbers into the Yield Formula and got age for the roid of -1 days. So I suspected that the variations in yield were because, for some reason, the code which calculates yield was picking the Mining Beam class at random between the two I had on board, even though the Class 1 one was stored and not fitted.

I have now been picking up some Ram Scoops I just made and, as you must be aware we get random scoops when using the gates or hyperjumping or warping, I was actually getting hydrogen with these scoops from Ram Scoops I had stored and not the Class 1 one I have installed.

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