Farscape Highway Progress Update (yearish)

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Sat Apr 30, 2016 2:47 am

Farscape Highway Progress Update (yearish)

Postby Vivic » Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:44 pm

Farscape Highway yearish report :

As many of you know i have been into the exploration side of the game since 2016. Some of the info that makes exploration easier is as follows:
Z axis on the map is depth of the galaxy or height.
The X and Y axis will traverse you through the galaxy being either positive or negative.
-6181, 0, 60 farthest on -X (glitched posibly)
3721, 1, 60 farthest +X
0, -7128, 60 farthest -Y
0, 2871, 60 farthest +Y
Based on this information i did the following better find the core, which will give us a far better chance to find earth.

To make Ascent's massive scale more manageable by placing a chain of colonies towards the center and eventually earth once the core has been found.

The highway has 8 colonies or Stops in it's entirety so far. There are 2 stops North (+Y) of Apollo and 5 stops and a Hub South (-Y)of Apollo with stop 5 being connected to the Hub via gate (under construction). All the stops have a colony Fuel station and Osb for repair and fueling.All jump distances are set below my mark distance or 137000 hydrogen, which is currently best traversed with a leviathan.The current state of the highway features mostly fuel and repair as intended. However a few stops have food for sale. Specifics are as follows.

F.H. Outer Arm Stop 1
Spectral class: Class F main Sequance
Star Sector: -3, 579, 179
Jump cost from Apollo: 136,359 hydrogen
Current hydrogen storage:6mil
Daily hydrogen supply: 1mil
Asteroid field: Soderite
Notes: This was my first stop ever constructed it comes complete with a Leviathan npc due to a bad emergency jump.

F.H. Outer Arm Stop 2
Spectral class: Class G main sequance
Star Sector: -8, 1180,101
Jump cost from stop 1: 136,422 hydrogen
Current hydrogen storage: 1 mil.
Daily hydrogen supply: 1mil
Asteroid field: Soderite , Chrondrite
Notes: This is a very nice system, good geo planets and good food.


Farscape Highway Stop 1
Spectral class: Class A main sequence.
Star Sector: 0, -602, 59
Jump cost from Apollo: 135,890 hydrogen
Current hydrogen storage: 10 million storage (expanded 7-9-2018)
daily hydrogen supply: 2 mil.
Asteroid field: Ureilite
Notes: Has some meat for sale, pick up some jerky for the road!

Farscape Highway Stop 2
Spectral class: G main sequance
Star Sector: 0, -1209, 60
Jump cost from Stop 1: 136,516 hydrogen
Current hydrogen storage: 10 million storage (expanded 7-9-2018)
Daily hydrogen supply: 2 mil
Asteroid field: Kamacite, Urilite, Angrite.
Notes: Nothing exciting..

Farscape Highway Stop 3
Spectral class: Kmain sequance
Star Sector: -207, -1778, 60
Jump cost from stop 2: 136,433
Current hydrogen storage: 10 million storage (expanded 7-9-2018)
Daily hydrogen supply:2 mil
Asteroid field: Colombite, Urilite
Notes: Needs more stoarge. Pick up some veggies!

Farscape Highway Stop 4
Spectral class: Class G main
Star Sector: -721, 2100, 67
Jump cost from stop 3: 136,424
Current hydrogen storage: 10 million storage (expanded 7-9-2018)
Daily hydrogen supply: 1.3mil
Asteroid field: Solderite
Notes: This stop is my weak link in hydrogen supply's and a thorn in my side, needs fixing more then just playing with dome controls.

Farscape Highway Stop 5
Spectral class: Wolf-Rayet Giant
Star Sector: -1323, -2166, 71
Jump cost from Stop 4: 136,235
Jump cost from hub: 689
Current hydrogen storage: 2.5 mil
Daily hydrogen supply:2 mil
Asteroid field:N/A
Notes: Gate conection to farscape core hub has been started, farscape hub will be supplied first.

Farscape Highway Core Hub
Spectral class: Class O main sequance
Star Sector: -1323, -2164, 69
Jump cost from Stop 4: 136,335
Jump cost from Stop 5: 689
Current hydrogen storage: 40 mil and growing
Daily hydrogen supply: 100k
Asteroid field: N/A
Notes: Gate modules 1/4 supplied, 69 mil iron 9 mil carbon remaining. (7/12/2018)

Vivic-brb-1525 (Future stop 6)
Spectral class: Wolf-Rayet Giant
Star Sector: -1495, -2747, 66
Jump cost from stop 5: 136,507 hydrogen
Jump cost from Hub: 136,801 hydrogen
Current hydrogen storage: N/A
Daily hydrogen supply: N/A
Asteroid field: N/A
Notes: This is a colony and planned shipyard nothing more at the moment. Work in progress!

Conclusion and Thoughts
So far so good even with progress taking time i do feel that my stop 5 and 6 are both within the area of the core. I can feel it in my bones. I have decided to put a gate from my highway to a hub roughly at the halfway point. Stop 5 and the Hub are connected but undergoing a supply stage. This is done with a effort to not have to go back to Apollo ever really, only when i need colonists. Also a cool place to hang out while i find the core. Which is something i have been trying on regular for a couple of months now, still no dice. However there is a obscene amount of ground to be covered. I have resorted to calling it the assent lottery"roll them dice see what happens".
I would very much like to get the location of the core before continuing through stop 11(proposed earth) as my approach to earth would be far more precise then saying maybe that way?..!!?. Anyways it is a huge post and i'm babbling all in all i would say the highway is 40% complete towards earths current guessed location. There will be a upcoming huge delay while i find the core to better precisely identify earths location.
Cool facts so far!:
I have spent over 40 billion on highway too date!
Much of the highway supplies have been brought to you by Loki and Fragmented osb in Mz3 i think Fraggii, thanks guys!
To jump from Apollo to stop 6 is 31287.2 ly would cost you 703,962 hydrogen to jump that distance!
If jam put in player osb repair today i can move 10 people a day to the core area!
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Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:19 pm

Re: Farscape Highway Progress Update (yearish)

Postby TEKnome » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:09 am


Congrats, thats a Huge Effort ! :D

it is inspiring to see what can be done with Vision ...
.... and a Ship Load of Hard Work !

Cheers ;-)
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Wed May 13, 2015 6:21 pm

Re: Farscape Highway Progress Update (yearish)

Postby gotpurplefleas » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:05 am

hi all...o/
Here are a couple pics of The Farscape Highway. The first is a full view, but stop 5 and the Core Hub are overlapping so the second is zoomed in on them.


here is the link...https://s19.postimg.cc/ngbdim5wz/Farsca ... y_full.png


here is the link...https://s19.postimg.cc/e1s4cx52b/Farsca ... re_Hub.png

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Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:40 pm



Re: Farscape Highway Progress Update (yearish)

Postby davh62 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:53 pm

Fantastic achievement fleas/Vivic. I really hope that YOU guys are the one to find earth.
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